Latest news

Wheels for conveyors RBH

Mecmove has started with wheels for eg. roller conveyors. 8 different sizes with and without flange. Used on roller conveyor shafts to transport goods with the lowest possible friction. The wheels are available in both steel and plastic design, as well as with steel and POM balls.
Both steel and plastic wheels can be supplied with a soft rubber ring that is slipped over the wheel path, which protects goods with sensitive surface.


Locking nut KMT

kmt10_webMecmove starts selling locking nut KMT. Precision locking nuts KMT are mainly developed for precision bearings, and the dimensions of the nut are adjusted accordingly. Precision locking nut KMT has three locking pins distributed around the perimeter of the nut which are at an angle for easier mounting.


Greater 3D-CAD content

We supplement our content with 3D-CAD at Solid Components with line wheels, roller rails, wave washers, shims, stop rings, tension rings, angle links, fork links and shaft ball joints.


New series of hardened bushing

We are putting up a new series of hardened steel bushing for tough conditions. A non-slotted homogeneous type with internal circular lubrication grooves and lubrication holes.


The new Stockholm arena order parts from Mecmove

Mecmove has received an order for 112 Eurosnodi cast link heads for 125mm shaft which will carry the new Stockholm arena’s wire-suspended sliding roof. The arena will be able to accommodate 30-40000 people and will be ready in spring 2013.